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Each week I select one of my favourite resources from the TES Maths Website and record a short video about it. In the video I try to add an extra bit of insight into how the video might be used in the classroom, and share my experiences of trying it out with my lovely students.

Below is a list of all the videos I have recorded to date. And once again, a huge thank you to all the kind, generous and incredibly talented users of the TES Maths website for sharing your wonderful work. You make TES what it is.





Data and Statistics

GCSE Revision

Post 16

Lesson Ideas for all Topics



Number                    back to contents

Factors and Multiples Game: Ultimate Edition

121. Numeracy Workout

120. Table Learning Games

112. Malteaser’s Number Mystery

111. Fractions Investigation

110. If the sun was the size of a football…

107. Grid Sums Puzzle

105. Fraction Images

103. Family of Facts

88.Fractions: all-in one (Premium Resource)

86: Percentages: Spot the Mistake

85. Diffy: Our Year 7s first maths lesson

82. Lesson Collection: Negative Numbers

74. Investigating Special Numbers

48. Adding Fractions – 4 in a Line

44. Maths Lesson Starters

40. Quiz, Quiz, Trade – Rounding

33. Texting Whilst Driving

31. Number Gym

26. Superhero Fraction Lesson

19. 100 Number Grid Investigations

12. Calculator Story

Algebra                    back to contents

122. Which gives the biggest answer?

116. Algebraic Graphs

95. Bike Tyre: A Modelling Activity

83. Quadratics Collection

81. Lesson Collection: Function Machines

66. Algebra Boxes

58. Trig Graphs: Guess Who

51. Online Equations Test

36. Algebra Cluedo

28. Maths Magic

20. Mathonpoly

10. Algebraic Manipulation Maze

Geometry                    back to contents

115. Stellar SatNav

113. Discovering Pythagoras

104. Area of Flags

87. ISS Earth Calculation

79. Lesson Collection: Real Life Graphs

76. Area and Perimeter

69. How to construct a 50p

68. 3D Trigonometry: Get 21

59. Student Created Loci Task

56. Rotations: Catch the Thief

53. Make up your own GCSE Shape questions

52. Trigonometry Dot to Dot

49. San Gaku

47. Area of 2D Shapes Learning Mat

32. Gnomes’ Homes

29. Angles and Percentage Golf

17. Discovering Circle Theorems

15. Geometrical Square Rooting

14. Drawing in 2D and 3D

11. Pirate Trigonometry

9. Circumference of Circles

Data and Statistics                    back to contents

119. Misleading Data Activity

80. Lesson Collection: Averages

78. Lesson Collection: Pie Charts

72. Venn Diagrams

71. Frequency Trees

55. Averages Homework

37. Comparing Box and Whisker Diagrams

34. Histogram Cut-Up Activity

16. Music Industry Trends

4. The Average Student

GCSE Revision                    back to contents

114. Going for Gold – GCSE Problem Solving

99.GCSE Maths Revision Cards

96. Mega PowerPoint

90. The Box

54. GCSE QWC Mysteries

30. GCSE Topic Log

23. Maths Speed Dating

13. GCSE Visual Prompts

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89. A Level Maths Assessments

77. Even More Maths Investigations

73. A Level Revision questions and answers

64. A Level Essential Revision booklets

41. 100+ Investigation Ideas

35. Core 1 and Core 2 Revision Notes

18. Equation of a Circle Clock

7. A Level PowerPoints

3. Core 3 Lessons

Lesson Ideas for all Topics                    back to contents

118. Four Quick Questions

117. Premium Test Maker

93. Loads of Starters

91. Key Stage 3 and 4 Maths Problems

75. Change One Aspect

70. Maths Taboo

57. New Scheme of Work Resources

50. Free Maths Resource Libary

42. Differentiated Maths Challenges

39. Mini Bingo Template

27. Tarsia with Pictures

25. Lock Problems

8. Grid Games

6. Group Challenge Puzzle Sheets

1. Tarsia Twist

General                    back to contents

108. Golden Ratio: Are you beautiful?

106. Developing Mathematical Vocabulary

102. Ultimate Excel Mark Book

101. Maths Investigations

67. Maths Starters Booklets

65. 1 to 10 in seven languages

63. Hyperbola Island: Mini Investigation Tasks

62. Starters: Odd one Out

61. Review of the Year 2014

60. Xmas 2014 Special – James Bond and Museum of Numbers

46. Practise makes Perfect

45. The Crystal Maze

43. Junior Maths Challenges

38. FIFA World Cup

24. Only Connect – Connecting Walls

22. Review of the Year – 2103

21. The Lobster Game

5. The Pirate Game

2. Code Breaking Pack