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What is it?
In 2015 I would proudly tell anyone that would listen how much I flipping love a Venn Diagram. In 2016 I could well be saying how much I flipping love a Grid Sum. Like all the best puzzles, the concept is so simple. All you need to do is to add a few numbers together. But to master it takes great flare, creativity and perseverance, as well as an important dose of strong mental arithmetic.

How can it be used?
All students need to be able to do to access a Grid Sum is to add two numbers together. This means the resource is suitable for younger and lower attaining students. Indeed, my bottom set Year 7s are big fans! However, the challenge of creating the biggest answer possible, combined with the option of proving this, moving onto different size grids, and adapting the rules in a whole host of different ways, means that my Year 11s and even my 6th form Further Mathematicians have more than enough to contend with. Yes, it is fair to say, I flipping love a Grid Sum.

Thanks for sharing!
Craig Barton

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