Mega PowerPoint 3 – TES Maths Resource of the Week 96

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What is it?
Like many maths teachers on TES, I have been a huge fan of Ben Cooper’s work for a few years now. His resources are always top quality, and the first two versions of his Maths Mega PowerPoints are among the best resources I have ever seen. When I saw that he had produced an updated third version, containing over 200 slides of questions, I had to purchase it. And, unlike many third parts of trilogies (The Matrix springs to mind!), I was not to be disappointed. Pretty much every Key Stage 3 and GCSE topic you could imagine is covered, and the resource is incredibly easy to navigate around. There are skill-based and problem solving questions, all complete with answers. 

How can it be used?
As Ben explains, this resource is ideal for an emergency re-rooming lesson or a “where have my text books gone?” lesson, or even an “oh my gosh can’t believe they have forgotten this” lesson. I have found it particularly useful this year with my Year 11 class, who routinely deny all knowledge of ever having seen certain topics before, and I quickly need questions to test this claim before I have a heart-attack. It is just so handy having such a large bank of high-quality questions, complete with answers, at your fingertips. They can be projected on the board at any point during a lesson, and help keep the pace up and the students focussed. And we get closer to GCSE exam time, this resource will simply be invaluable.

Thanks for sharing!

Craig Barton

A word from the author, Ben Cooper
“I made the original mega PowerPoint a few years ago as an escape route, as long as I had a computer and my memory stick I had quick access to questions on pretty much anything. If the photocopier died or if my lesson had to take a U turn because pupils couldn’t remember something, I was sorted. This safety net really helped as a new teacher.

As well as being my mathematical life jacket, I often use slides from mega PowerPoint to add questions to the end of other powerpoint I’ve made. Sometimes I will remove groups of related slides and cobble together little revision packs and give them to pupils for extra practise.

The original had 100 sets of questions, the second version had answers, this time I’ve added just short of 100 new sets of questions (with answers) and have updated some of the less visually appealing slides.”


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