TES Maths ROTW 7 – A Level PowerPoints

If you are teaching the Core 3 A2 module to your Year 13 students, then before you embark upon any planning, be sure to check this resource out! It is a set of PowerPoint presentations that cover the entire Core 3 course. Each PowerPoint is focussed on a specific topic, and the clarity of the explanations, diagrams and worked examples are phenomenal.

As I talk about in the video, I would advise taking these PowerPoints as basis to your own lessons; copying and editing them to fit your teaching style and the needs of your students. I combine them with Autograph interactive demonstrations, and some activities that I have found successful in the past. But in terms of worked examples, and notes for students, these have saved me hours!

Thank you so much Owen!

Craig Barton

Download Core 3 PowerPoints

Download Core 4 PowerPoints

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