Venn Diagrams – TES Maths ROTW 72

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What is it?

Following on from Frequency Trees last week, this time we turn our attention to the send new topic in the latest GCSE specifications: Venn Diagrams. Now, I love a Venn Diagram, and I feel it is a crime that not all students get to use them. Fortunately, I get my yearly fix when teaching that Statistics 1 AS module, but I want to spread the Venn Diagram love around a bit. Fortunately, in two years I will have my wish. And if you are looking to give your Year 9 or younger students a taste of what they will need to be able to do in the new GCSE with Venn Diagrams, then this is a wonderful place to start.

How can it be used?

There is a complete lesson here. Or maybe even more. There is a wonderful PowerPoint that provides a wonderful, visual introduction to the topic, starting with full English breakfasts, and calling in a Lego figures on the way to exam focussed questions. Then there is a fantastic card sort that really gets the students thinking about what each region of the diagram represents. Finally, there is a worksheet, crammed full of well-chosen questions, and if that wasn’t enough there are solutions as well! And if your students are desperate for more Venn related fun, then why not get tem creating their own Venn Diagrams based upon topics of their choosing? A lovely taste of a wonderful mathematical topic.

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton


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