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The following resource has been kindly shared on the TES Maths website. It is available to download for free by registering. And to access all the lovely Resource of the Week (ROTW) resources, just click here

What is it?

Whatever you are doing at the moment, please stop and sit yourselves down. And probably make sure there are no sharp objects nearby that you could fall upon and injure yourself. Because this resource could well blow you right off your chair. One of my favourite uploaders to TES, Owen134866, has decide to share not just a few of his lessons, but pretty much every single one of them! And as users of Owen’s lessons will know, the quality is consistently high. But better than this, you also get worksheets, rich tasks, starters, puzzles and assessments, all beautifully organised. This is possibly the most comprehensive maths resource I have ever seen on TES.

How can it be used?

I downloaded this straight away and copied it onto our Secure Shared drive at school. This means all maths teachers in our department can access it. If they are planning a lesson on a certain topic, I encourage them to visit the Resource Library first, and if they like the look of the way Owen134866 has approached the topic, then use his PowerPoint as a basis to their own planning. The PowerPoints can easily be midwifed and adapted, thus promoting consistent high quality lessons, but with plenty of room for individual teacher creativity. It is the best gift I have ever given our department!

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

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  1. I tried to get it from dropbox and have read the instructions, but can’t see where it is when I am in dropbox?? I can’t see a link to Maths – free resource library – can you help?

    Many thanks

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