TES Maths ROTW 39 – Mini Bingo Template

Bingo is one of those games that has defied the ages. Today’s students, brought up on a diet of YouTube and Xbox One, still find something appealing and engaging about the unpredictability of balls (or in this case, questions) being selected at random.

Stephen Peacock has shared many of his outstanding Excel based Bingo resources on TES Maths over the last few years, and now he has done something even better. Stephen has made available his template that allows you to quickly design your own Bingo resources. The instructions are easy to follow, and the game is versatile enough to mean it could be played with low achieving Year 7 students right up to Year 13 Further Mathematicians. So, get creating and sharing resources and let the Bingo craze continue!

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

Download Maths Bingo Template

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