Autograph Daily Challenge Website

I thought I would share with you a little project I have been working on with the team from Autograph. May I proudly present: The Autograph Daily Challenge website 🙂

Inspired by the wonderful Daily Desmos, I have written a series of mathematical challenges for you and your students to play around with.

A new challenge gets released at 12pm every weekday, and each day has a different theme:

Monday: Basic Graphs

Lots of straight line graphs, quadratics and some basic f(x) transformations for you to play around with.

Tuesday: Data and Statistics

Cumulative frequency curves, box plots and histograms for you to try to recreate.

Wednesday: Transformations

Testing your powers of reflection, rotation, enlargement and translation to the limit.

Thursday: Advanced Graphs

Here we tackle the likes of trig graphs, parametric equations, conics and polar co-ordinates.

Friday: Fun Friday

Could be anything!

I imagine these challenges either being used in the classroom as a means of demonstration or investigation, or being given to eager, curious students to play around with at home, possibly with a prize for those who crack the most of them.

Crucially, to use each of these, you do not need the full version of Autograph installed. They are all powered by the (completely free) Autograph Player. Instructions how to download this lovely piece of software should appear automatically when you try to solve a challenge, but if not just click on the link above.

Any suggestions gratefully received, and I hope you enjoy the challenges!


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