TES Maths Resource of the Week 47 – Area of 2D Shapes Learning Mat

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What is it?

This is a simple idea which could be used for pretty much any maths topic you can think of. The resource consists of a worksheet covering various aspects of area of 2D shapes. Nothing earth shattering here. But the idea is that the students complete this worksheet, and then they move onto the Learning Mat, which is a really nice way of reviewing what they have learnt during that lesson. This give both the teacher and the students a good idea of where they are up to and the additional support that is needed.

How can it be used?

We have area of 2D shapes coming up pretty soon on our Year 8 Scheme of Work. I know the students have studied area in Primary school and in Year 7, but I am pretty sure their levels of understanding will be very varied. So, I intend to simply give out the worksheet, let them crack on in pairs or small groups, and wander around the lass giving hints when needed. Then, with 15 minutes to go I am going to give out the Learning Mat and the students will work on it on their own. I will ensure they have sufficient time to complete the self-assessment, and then I will take in their Learning Mats to get a feel myself for who knows what and what support is needed for future lessons. A simple, versatile and effective resource.

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

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