TES Maths Resource of the Week 58: Trig Graphs Guess Who

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What is it?

I love a remix of a classic old board game into a worthwhile mathematical activity. In the past we have had Monopoly, Cluedo, Snakes and Ladders all adapted and modified by our incredibly talented and generous TES Maths users. And now comes the latest incarnation… Guess Who! Yes, the timeless game has had a mathematical make-over, and now instead of trying to narrow down which face the other player is looking at by asking questions about key features (Do they have a moustache? Are they wearing glasses?), you now have to do something much more exciting: figure out which trigonometric curve they are holding! This allows for insightful questions about amplitude, axes crossing points, period of the graph and so on. Who could have thought revising the equations of trigonometric curves and their transformations could be so much fun 🙂


How can it be used?

The game works incredibly well in its current form, and there are really useful scaffolded hint cards provided to help students get started on the game. But there is big potential to remix what has already been remixed! Can students come up with a set of questions that can identify any graph within those 3 questions? Can students come up with a different set of graphs that can only be answered in 4 questions? And this format of this activity itself is incredibly versatile. I can already imagine it being used to identify numbers from their features (multiple of 6, prime, square, etc), or quadrilaterals from their properties. Lovely, worthwhile stuff!


Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton


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