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What is it?
Sometimes you have in your head exactly what you need, and you end up spending hours trying to find it. This was the case with me and some clear, simple, well designed Fractions, Decimal and Percentage equivalence resources. I just wanted some images to support a simple lesson I was delivering to my lovely bottom-set Year 7 class.  Fortunately, I got all that and more for £1 with this lovely set of resources. There are 49 such images, all immaculately produced and covering all the main fraction/decimal/percentage conversions. More than that, there are blank templates for students to shade, an accompanying PowerPoint, and a set of posters that can be printed out and stuck around the room.

How can it be used?
This resource, essentially, was my lesson. I gave my students lots of bank grids, and had several key questions up my sleeve, like:

How can you shade a quarter of that shape?

How much of the shape if left unshaded?

How would you convince someone that you have shaded in a quarter?

How many different ways are there to do it?

How would you convince someone that 0.25 is the same as 1/4?

How many different fractions are the same as 80%?

This resource equipped me with the tools I needed to embark upon a really enjoyable, challenging lesson that the students really enjoyed. By the end of it they had wonderful display work themselves to go alongside the author’s professionally produced images.

Thanks for sharing!
Craig Barton

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