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What is it?
I have written in the past about how much I love with when a teacher uploads a complete lesson to TES, as it really allows you to get a sense of the structure, pace and challenge of the lesson and the accompanying activities in way that is not possible with a single resource alone. But there is one thing that is even better than a full lesson, and that is a complete unit of lessons. This wonderful set of resources on Algebraic Graphs takes the user on a journey from how the author introduces straight lines graphs, right through the developing work on quadratic and cubic graphs. This all comes complete with high quality PowerPoints, worksheets and homeworks. 

How can it be used?
Just like complete lessons, I would not recommend using the resource exactly as it is presented. It has been designed by a specific teacher for a specific class. Resources should be adapted to suit individual needs. Fortunately, this series of lessons is so well structured and presented, with so much accompanying material, that this is very easy to do. I changed very little when using it with my Year 9s, adding in a few probing questions here and there, and adapting the homeworks to fit our departmental policy. But this resource saved me hours, and more importantly give my students a really solid understanding of what can be a notoriously difficult topic.

Thanks for sharing!
Craig Barton

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