TES Maths ROTW 21 – The Lobster Game

If you are looking for a good end of term activity, then look no further than The Lobster Game. Strategy, team work, probability, percentages, negative numbers, all packaged up in a simple yet highly engaging game. There is also an advanced version which contains a lovely little twist!

Can students devise the optimal strategy for making the most money form their lobster catching business, or will it all go to pot on the roll of a dice? Getting them to write up their strategy and thoughts at several points throughout the game will also help develop their quality of written communication (QWC).

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

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One thought on “TES Maths ROTW 21 – The Lobster Game

  1. Hello,
    I was reading about your lobster game (we call it lobster pots) and I was wondering whether there was an algorithm that gets a reasonable amount of money at the end?
    This has been an interest for years and I am entering my last year of sixth form and would like to do as well as possible before I leave.
    If there is no algorithm then any advise would be much appreciated.
    Thanks a lot.

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