Maths Starter Booklets: TES Maths Resource of the Week 67

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What is it?

I am usually over the moon when someone gives me one decent starter activity. But imagine a whole year’s worth. And with answers! Well, imagine no more, because this is exactly what we have here. Enough puzzles, challenges and activities to fill up each term of the school year. And there is plenty of variety to, with topics such as area, symmetry, factors, primes, substitution and angles covered. The level of challenge is also varied enough to mean that there will be starter problems in here that are suitable for all ages and abilities. And did I mention that the answers are also provided???? Brilliant stuff!

How can it be used?

As the name suggests, these make lovely starter activities. I tend to just project most of them onto the board, unless the students need a grid or something, in which case I print them out. They can provide an ideal assessment of baseline knowledge before we start a new topic, or better still just to keep students on their toes by giving them a topic we have not done for ages. I like to play the “Starter Lottery”, where a student picks a page number, and we just do whatever problem is on that. These are also useful to have up your sleeve for extension work for any students who have finished a given task. I have also been known to use these as cover work as well. Very versatile resource!

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton


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