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What is it?
This year I have a bottom-set Year 7 class that I only teach once a week. They are lovely, but they really struggle with their time tables, and I am firmly of the belief that times tables are the key to success in maths as so much future knowledge relies on a sound understanding and ability to recall. Each week we focus on a different times table, and I am always on the lookout for ways to make the lessons more interesting. Fortunately, along came this Family of Facts set of resources, which involves a fun, simply but very effective game for each times table. This particular one focusses on the 6s.

How can it be used?
The author has kindly detailed a few options for playing the game: Students can initially find the four cards that build a family – two multiplication facts and two division facts.

Later this can be played as a memory game by laying all the cards face down and students find pairs that belong together. (It may be two multiplications, two divisions or one multiplication and one division). They collect as many pairs as they can and when all pairs have been made each player attempts to make families of four from their pairs. Whoever can make the most families of four is the winner.

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Craig Barton

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