TES Maths ROTW 17 – Discovering Circle Theorems

Circle Theorems are one of those topics that many students do not like. Sure, they can be difficult to remember and spot, but I believe that the root cause of the dislike is that many students do not have a deep understanding of them. This is where dynamic geometry can really help in allowing students to discover circle theorems, check answers, make hypotheses and test out predictions.

This wonderful collection of resources allows students to discover the circle theorems for themselves. There are clear, step-by-step instructions how to build each of them using Autograph. Better still, if your school does not have access to Autograph, then each of the theorems are presented on a website which makes use of the free Autograph Player. There is also a record sheet for students to summarise their findings in their own words, and if all that wasn’t enough there is also a Collective Memory thrown into the mix!

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Craig Barton

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