TES Maths ROTW 5 – The Pirate Game

Well, the end of term is finally in sight. Like me, you may well be faced with the classic dilemma – your students are demanding a “fun lesson”, English have been showing DVDs for the past week, and yet you want to keep doing something vaguely maths related. What on earth do you do? Well, step forward The Pirate Game!

When I first discovered this last year, I thought it might go down quite well with the younger students. How wrong I was – the game was a revolution! I now have Year 7s and Year 12s alike demanding to play The Pirate Game. I think it is the combination of strategy, luck, mystery games and the option to steal everything from your opponent that has made a firm favourite amongst the staff and students of my school.

Thank you, Mr Collins, you have created a phenomenon!

Happy summer everybody, and see you in September!

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