A Level Maths Assessments – TES Maths Resource of the Week 89

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What is it?
Quite simply, this is ridiculously good. These are a complete set of high-quality assessments and mark schemes for pretty much all of the A Level modules, including Further Maths! They are not designed to be specific to any exam board, so you will need to look over the questions to ensure they are all suitable for your students, but the vast majority are. The questions are top quality, and just as important – they are new to the students.

How can it be used?
Obviously, these could be used as end of topic assessment for homeworks. At our school we build our own homeworks out of past exam questions, which is both time consuming and has the disadvantage that students will see the same questions again when they come to do exam papers. That is not the case with these questions, which can be used separately top past papers. Furthermore, with topics such as Functions and Quadratic Inequalities covered, this is also a very useful source for new GCSE content.

Thanks for sharing!
Craig Barton

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