TES Maths ROTW 42 – Differentiated Maths Challenges

The following resource has been kindly shared on the TES Maths website. It is available to download for free by registering.

What is it?

One of my favourite resource uploaders, Mark Greenaway, strikes again with a lovely resource that could be used with all year groups. This is a series of 10 sets of mathematical challenges, each based on a specific content area. All the big names are included – angles, percentages, sequences, you name it! Each challenge acts a prompt for discussion, consolidating or extending the students’ knowledge of that particular area of mathematics.

How can it be used?

There are many options here. They could simply be used as starters or plenaries to stimulate discussion and get the students thinking. However, I think there is potential to dedicate a whole lesson to using these. For example, at the end of a teaching unit on Sequences, print out several of these challenges, get the students into groups of 4, and give them 5 minutes to crack each one before they move onto the next. Then have a discussion about which they found the most challenging. And as a finale – could any group design their own? A lovely way to end a topic.

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

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  1. Hi Craig,

    Unfortunately the ‘100 Differentiated Maths Challenges’ no longer seems to be on TES.

    Do you know anywhere else I could find it?


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