Four Quick Questions – TES Maths Resource of the Week

What is it?
Can I interest you in over 200 lovely sets of four questions that can be used with a whole range of ages and abilities? If so, then please read on! This is a wonderful, extensive resource that can be used to give a focussed, efficient start to each lesson, either in the build up to end of year exams, or throughout the year. The questions are nicely laid out on PowerPoint, meaning they can be printed straight away, and each set contains a question on Number, Algebra, Geometry and Data. This must have taken ages to create, and is being shared for free. Superb stuff!

How can it be used?
I can do no better here than to quote the author themselves: “Students have found these little A6 sheets really useful in the past – usually printed on 4-to-a-page, and used at the start of lessons. I usually get them to work individually for 5 minutes, then pair-work, then go through answers using a visualiser.” Something we have used with our Year 11s this year is Corbett Maths excellent 5-a-day sheets being stuck in their own little yellow book which students have with them each lesson. I could imagine these excellent Four Quick Questions being used in a similar way.

Thanks for sharing!
Craig Barton

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