TES Maths ROTW 41 – 100+ Maths Investigation Ideas

If ever I come across a really good mathematical investigation, I tend to find it is aimed primarily at younger students. Very rarely do I discover investigations that I can use with my A Level students and Further Mathematicians. The outstanding RISP investigations by Jonny Giffiths (see link below) certainly do the job, but now we also have this incredible collection from Andrew Chambers.

Andrew has kindly collected and shared the best investigations, activities and problems from his wonderful website. There are lovely nuggets covering all aspects of maths, from some devilishly difficult algebra, to some beautiful geometric problems, calling in at some applications of real life statistical analysis along the way. There is far too much here to cover in a 5 minute video – maybe too much to cover in an entire year! But I hope you have as much fun looking through this and trying things out with your students as I did.

Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

Download 100 Maths Investigation Ideas

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View the RISP Collection from Jonny Griffiths

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