TES Maths ROTW 13 – GCSE Visual Prompts

It is often quite difficult to bring a bit of creativity into the revision process, and there is a danger that if students are bombarded with past paper after past paper, their levels of engagement may drop.

That is why I absolutely adore this resource from Mark Greenaway. It is a series of images taken from various GCSE exams, but crucially the question that goes along with the image has been removed. It is therefore up to the students to think up a suitable question and then attempt to answer it. I would be tempted to go one stage further and get them writing a mark scheme and assigning a grade level to it as well. These suggestions can then be shared throughout the class, and before you know it you have a handful of really interesting, often vastly different questions, all from the same prompt.

If needed, the original question has also been included, which makes for an interesting discussion when comparing it to the students’ attempts. Many of my year 11s were so impressed with their own efforts that they are now thinking of careers as exam writers.

 Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton

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