TES Maths ROTW 1 – Tarsia Twist

The TES Maths Resource of the Week (ROTW) is back – and what a cracker we have lined up to kick start the new series!

Tarsia jigsaws have been around in mathematics classrooms for a few years now, and they are undoubtedly a great teaching tool. But is there an alternative way to using them aside from getting the students armed with scissors and glue to assemble a jigsaw? There certainly is! And as this lovely “Tarsia Find 5” resource from dwatson802 shows, it can seriously challenge students’ misconceptions. This particular resource tackles the tricky topic of BIDMAS, but the idea behind it is versatile enough to be used for any area of mathematics.

There are hundreds of Tarsias on TES just waiting to be adapted. Visit the Collections Page to get started.

Download: BIDMAS Order of Operations Find 5

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