Sponsor an episode of the Mr Barton Maths podcast

  • Do you have a product, service, book or event that you would like to promote?
  • Have you found that advertising at conferences, sending emails, buying adverts in publications, or producing flyers are either expensive or have relatively little impact?
  • Would you like to reach thousands of engaged, influential teachers to help spread your message in a relatively low-cost, innovative way?

If so, then you may wish to consider sponsoring an episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast.

What you get

  • A bespoke message at the start of the episode
  • A description and link at the top of the episode show notes
  • A thank you at the end of the episode


  • Sponsorship of one episode costs £750 (+VAT)
  • Sponsorship of three episodes costs £1500 (+VAT)
  • Multi-episode deals are also available


You can listen to examples of sponsor slots at the start of the following episodes:

What do I need?

If you choose to go ahead with the sponsorship, I will need:

  1. Bullet points of the information you want me to include so I can plan the introduction (the shorter the message, the more impactful)
  2. A call to action that listeners can search for if they are listening to the podcast (e.g. “To find out more, just search for…”)
  3. A link to include in the show notes


1. How many listeners does each episode get?
On average, episodes get around 15,000 listens

2. Who is the audience?
The vast majority are practicing teachers or school leaders, with the majority being secondary/high school teachers. Teachers of all subjects listen, but the most popular subject taught by listeners is maths.

3. How will I know the effectiveness of the sponsorship?
You are welcome to submit a unique URL to track click-throughs from the show notes, but the vast majority of listeners will do a search for the sponsor using what I say at the end of the sponsor slot. That is why I ask for a call to action along the lines of: “To find out more, just search for…”

Are you interested?

Please drop me an email at [email protected] including the three things from the “What do I need?” section above.

Thanks so much for considering supporting the show!