#165 How to be more evidence-informed with Peps Mcrea

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This episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast is kindly supported by Oxford University Press’s new Key Stage 3 maths curriculum called Mosaic.

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Episode details

Peps McCrea specialises in helping teachers get better. One of the ways he does this is to take research and make it accessible to teachers so they can put the active ingredients into action in the classroom. I wanted to dig into Peps’ process for doing that, then discuss five of my favourite ideas he has shared in this way, and then dig into Peps’ work on instructional coaching as part of his role at Steplab.

Here are the five ideas we discussed, together with the link to Peps’ original Snack or thread:

  1. Willpower is overrated
  2. Consistency before challenge
  3. Interruptions leave a wake
  4. Mind your modes
  5. What’s happening in AI right now, and what does it mean for education?


  1. How does Peps find good quality research to share with teachers? (08:44)
  2. How does Peps summarise research so teachers can quickly digest and apply it? (14:29)
  3. What is a piece of research we both believe in, but wish was not true? (21:53)
  4. Willpower is overrated (48:20)
  5. Consistency before challenge (59:26)
  6. Interruptions leave a wake (1:07:04)
  7. Mind your modes (1:12:47)
  8. What’s happening in AI right now, and what does it mean for education? (1:23:33)
  9. Coaching chat! (1:37:23)
  10. Peps’ new book (1:49:58)
  11. My takeaways (1:51:57)


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