#164 How to plan a maths lesson with Craig Latimir

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This episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast is kindly supported by Oxford University Press’s new Key Stage 3 maths curriculum called Mosaic.

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Episode details

This time around I spoke to maths teacher, Craig Latimir. We discussed Craig’s process for planning a maths lesson.

I asked Craig the following questions, and plenty more besides:

  1. What did your lesson planning process use to look like, and what problems did this lead to in the classroom?
  2. What are your overall principles of planning now?
  3. Do you plan in terms of individual lessons, a sequence of lessons, or a hybrid?

And then Craig takes us through the key phases of a lesson, describing how he plans them and exactly how they play out in the lesson, including

  1. The Do Now
  2. Exposition
  3. Modelling
  4. Checking for understanding
  5. Responsive teaching 
  6. Practice
  7. End

I have entitled this episode how to plan a maths lesson, but I suspect the key principles could apply to other subjects. So please feel free to share with your non-maths colleagues if you think this is the case.

Resources from the episode:

Useful time-stamps:

  • Craig and I discuss our past lesson planning crimes (15:01)
  • Craig shares his key principles for lesson planning (22:45)
  • Craig tells us the first thing he thinks about when planning (52:18)
  • Craig discusses how he plans and delivers the Do Now (57:18)
  • Then the exposition (1:20:37)
  • Then modelling (1:29:04)
  • Then how he questions and checks for understanding (1:44:32)
  • Then how he responds to those checks (1:59:56)
  • Then the practice phase (2:08:00)
  • And finally the end of the lesson (2:16:15)
  • I begin my reflection on all I learned from Craig (2:55:36)


I have made videos of 10 key parts of our conversation. Feel free to share them with colleagues or use them in departmental meetings or CPD sessions:

Here are the direct links to all videos:

  1. Lesson planning mistakes
  2. Lesson planning principles
  3. Lesson planning: the first thing to think about
  4. Lesson planning: the Do Now
  5. Lesson planning: exposition
  6. Lesson planning: modelling
  7. Lesson planning: check for understanding
  8. Lesson planning: responsive teaching
  9. Lesson planning: practice phase
  10. Lesson planning: the end

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On Twitter Craig is: @Teach_Solutions

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2 thoughts on “#164 How to plan a maths lesson with Craig Latimir

  1. Thanks for a really useful podcast.
    It would be great to see the newspaper article from the 20s announcing that 1 is not a prime number. Do you have a link please?

  2. Thanks for this podcast. I’ve downloaded the resources. I’m sure they will be helpful. However, is it possible to give a summary of what the acronyms he uses are. Some are obvious, MWB for example. Others I’m not so sure about.

    BTW – I absolutely love your latest book and will leave a review on Amazon as requested in the podcast.



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