TES Top 10 Resources: Transformations

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Transformations are probably one of the most visual topics in maths. From the simple ideas of moving objects, to the more abstract of rotating 3D shapes, the whole topic benefits from using a variety of methods to help students really understand what is going on. There are few topics that offer so many exciting possibilities. Here are my top 10 resources on transformations found on TES Connect to help you “transform” your lessons.

Top 10 resources:

1.  Transformation cards

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word document and Publisher file

A set of four activities each focusing on one of the transformations. There is a set of reflection dominoes, rotation loop cards, a set of sort card on translations, and a nice spot-the-difference activity to finish. Each activity will get students thinking about the respective transformation – an ideal basis for a revision lesson.

 2.  Transformation relay race

Age range: 11-16 Format: PowerPoint presentation

This resource on transformations helps consolidate learning. Once they have completed the treasure hunt activity, you could print off a couple of blank versions of the cards and get students to create their own treasure hunt challenge.

3.  Transformations package

Age range: 11-16 Format: PDF, Word document and JPG

A selection of six activities on the different transformations to engage students. Includes a code breaking activity on a coordinate grid. Higher ability students can take it further to create their own versions.

4.  Spot the mistakes

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word document

In each document, there are several exam style questions, which have been answered by “Stephen” (a fictional exam candidate), and students must mark his work, giving reasons when they think he is incorrect.

5.  Transformations

Age range: 11-16 Format: PDF

A complete collection of lesson plans, worksheets and activities, all with answers provided. If you need some simple questions to practise, or more thought provoking ideas, you will find something here.

6.  Transformations treasure hunt

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word document

An explorer found some hidden treasure, but forgot which of the four locations that he marked on his map was the right one. Fortunately, he wrote himself some directions in his diary, which will get him back to the treasure. Students have to rotate, reflect and translate themselves to get to the correct spot.

7.  Mega transformations PowerPoint

Age range: 11-16 Format: PowerPoint presentation

A full set of lessons and worksheets on transformations, with beautiful animations, and excellent explanations. It covers both describing transformations and performing them, and gives students plenty of time to practise their skills as well.

8.  Transformations – Find them all

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word document

Students are asked to find all the possible transformations that are present in the grid. They should be encouraged to work in a systematic way, either concentrating on a type of transformation or a pair of shapes at a time. This also develops the idea of reversing a transformation.

9.  Autograph activity

Age range: 11-16 Format: Website

A little challenge to put up on the board at the end of looking at transformations to get the whole class thinking. Even better, there is a video guide going through how to make the whole activity in Autograph, so we can create it in front of the students, which allows us to question them as we go.

10.  Transformation shuffle

Age range: 11-16 Format: PowerPoint presentation

This game involves students performing each of the four transformations first, and then describing a series of transformations. A very simple but effective idea.

Dan Rodriguez-Clark, maths secondary panel

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