TES Top 10 Resources: Probability

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

There are many  misconceptions about teaching probability. For me, this makes it one of the most interesting topics to teach. There are lots of quality resources on TES Connect for this topic and I have put together a set of varied resources that can be used to improve your lessons.

Top 10 resources:

1. Piggy

Age range: 11-16 Format: PDF and XLS

A dice game for getting students to think about chance and probability, which leads into sample space diagrams. Make sure you get your Macros enabled.

2.  Plane races

Age range: 11-16 Format: XLS

This resource is a simulation of how odds change as a horse race progresses. A stimulus for discussion, and a life lesson in why you (probably) shouldn’t gamble.

3.  Probability: True or false?

Age range: 11-16 Format: PowerPoint presentation

A set of probability statements for your students to ponder. An effective resource for revising probability after a break from the topic. The range of answers you get may well be surprising…


4.  No chance

Age range: 11-16 Format: Word document

If you want to motivate most students, then introducing a bit of money is not a bad idea. This resource challenges them to make a profitable game. A good resource for assessing students’ deeper understanding of the topic.

5.  Snooker frames

Age range: 16+ Format: Website

A numerical investigation for KS5 students from Nrich. It is believed that weaker snooker players have a better chance of winning matches over eleven frames (i.e. first to win 6 frames) than they do over fifteen frames. Is this true?

6.  Rescue the princess adventure game

Age range: 14-16 Format: PowerPoint

Adventure game in which students answer probability questions in order to rescue a princess. This resource requires students to have access to a PC, Laptop or Tablet.

7.  Maths KS3: Music and probability lesson plan

Age range: 11-14 Format: PowerPoint

An original way of looking at probability to promote mathematical discussion about musical composition and chance events.

8.  Rock, paper, scissors

Age range: 11-16 Format: PowerPoint

This is a great idea using rock, paper, scissors, to discuss whether a game is fair. This PowerPoint presentation uses sample space diagrams to show all the possible outcomes and helps distinguish between experimental and theoretical probabilities.

9.  How normal is Pi?

Age range: 11-16 Format: Website

An investigation where pupils have to use concepts of probability to investigate whether pi is a ‘normal number’.

10.  Notes: Stats and probability

Age range: 14-16 Format: PowerPoint

A revision guide for GCSE students. With a few modifications, the PowerPoint presentation could also be used in the classroom.

Mark Quinn, maths secondary panel

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