TES Top 10 Resources: Quadratics

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Quadratic functions is an important mathematical topic, especially for those wishing to continue to study mathematics beyond GCSE.

From expanding double brackets and factorising a simple quadratic expression, to completing the square in order to investigate the transformation of functions, the set of skills required to master this area of maths at times seems endless.

From the basics to the more advanced, this is a list of some of the best resources featured on the TES Connect that will assist teachers in helping students to understand all there is to know about quadratic functions.

Tarsia quadratics

One of the most important skills when it comes to the topic of quadratics is factorising. If students can’t factorise, they’re probably not going to be able to do much with a quadratic function. This Tarsia jigsaw makes the learning process interactive and engaging.


Question after question of factorising quadratics can become repetitive for some students, so spice things up with a game of bingo. Simply click through the questions and you will see students factorising like they have never factorised before.

Factorising quadratics

This resource introduces a way to look at the whole process of factorising quadratics. If students have seen the grid method of multiplication before, they should grasp the concept very quickly. By looking at this way of expanding double brackets, it gives the students the chance to form their own conclusions on how to factorise a quadratic expression.

The quadratic formula 

Once students have mastered the process of factorising, they will be ready to look at another way to solve quadratic equations – by using the formula, which makes most students tremble with fear the first time they see it. Now we all know that it’s pretty much just a case of substitution, but this resource has been created to ease students into using the formula by first just filling in some blanks.

Solving a quadratic equation 

This is another quadratic formula resource, which has everything that the students will need in order to be able to use the formula to solve quadratic equations. The author of this resource has included some quick, but very important, starter activities on the worksheet. This ensures that the students are able to use negative numbers and are comfortable with substitution before even attempting to use the quadratic formula.

Quadratic graphs 

Now that students can solve quadratic equations, it’s time to start looking at what this means graphically, and also exploring some more features of quadratic graphs. This excel file can display the graph of any quadratic function, and also shows some of the key features of the graph (vertex, line of symmetry, etc…)

Quadratic graphs – important points 

This worksheet comes in a table format and lists a variety of quadratic functions. Students have to factorise the function, complete the square, list the intercepts with the coordinate axes and write down the coordinate of the stationary point.

Graded questions

This resource will challenge students to use what they have learned about quadratic equations and apply it to a series of problems. This task could be key for some students in understanding that algebra does indeed have a purpose and can be used for a variety of every day situations.

Tarsia quadratic inequalities 

The second Tarsia jigsaw in this resource collection, this one looks at some quadratic inequalities. A challenging task which will engage students with the interactive and competitive element that Tarsia jigsaws offer. It could be used as a main activity or possibly the plenary to a lesson on the graphs of quadratic functions.

Solving quadratics 

 This final resource is a fantastic revision tool, either to be shown to a group of students in class or to be distributed to students for them to view in their own time. It covers everything they will need to know about solving quadratic equations and is presented in a clear and pupil friendly format.

Bonus resource  

Quadratic equations

Bonus resource! This quadratic equation solution checker is very easy to use. Just simply type in the values of the coefficients of the function and it will tell you the solutions (if there are any) – a handy tool for teachers.

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