TES Top 10 Resources: Homework Ideas

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Homework is a constant talking point within the teaching profession; do we set too much? Not enough? Do we even need it? This collection of TES Connect resources has been compiled to give you some new and exciting ideas into your lessons.

Top 10 resources:

1. Maths homework – explain a method to an adult

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: Word document

This task allows the students to verbalise their understanding of a topic. By teaching what they have learnt to someone else, students get the opportunity to deepen their understanding.

2. Help for parents

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: Word document

This resource offers practical ways in which parents can get involved in their child’s mathematics. Although the resource is designed to be used with younger students, it offers a variety of adaptable ideas. It also provides parents with ways of explaining basic arithmetic.

3. Functional maths tasks

Age range: 11-16 Format: Website

The functional nature of each task in this collection allows students to relate directly to the problem and gives opportunity to access a range of techniques and topics. These tasks can be completed during class or are ideal for an end of term homework project.

4. Geometry and measures worksheets

 Age range: 11 – 14 Format: Word document

A collection of topic specific worksheets with ideas that can be easily modified or adapted.  The homework sheets even include a quick mental maths warm at the start to get students thinking.

5. What am I? Naming 3D Shapes

Age range: 11 – 14 Format: Word document

The idea of this task is to give students cards with a shape on them and they have to create a description using key words. An easy to produce, versatile homework.

6. Probability – make your own questions

Age range: 11 – 14 Format: Word document

Students are given the skeleton of a question and have to fill in gaps to make the question feasible. They then have to try and create their own question, with set conditions. There is also the opportunity for students to give reasons for their choice which helps improve their understanding.

7. Maths relay races

Age range: 11 – 14 Format: PDF

This resource encourages students to discuss maths strategies to solve problems. It opens up a range of opportunities for both students and teachers to discuss mathematics as a class.

8. Maths homework booklets 

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: Word document

This first resource provides a comprehensive collection of homework booklets, arranged into year groups and abilities. Each weekly homework sheets has 20 questions based on different topics and the APP sheets provided at the back are extremely useful for students to self-assess.

9. Transition worksheets – GCSE to AS Level

 Age range: 16-18 Format: Word document

The collection provides questions and solutions, as well as thorough explanations, and helps to form a solid foundation on which to build on when students begin an A-level course following the summer break. This prepares students for the AS course and gives you a jump start in September.

10. A2 mathematics homework

 Age range: 16-18 Format: Word document

This final resource aims to bridge a summer gap when all too often, knowledge seems to disappear from our students’ brains. Each topic is split up into quick-fire review sections along with answers. This will gives students a clear indication of what they need to work on before they start the A2 course.

Dominic Penney, maths secondary panel

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