TES Top 10 Resources: Perimeter, Area and Volume

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Perimeter, area and volume can be a fairly tedious topic to teach. On the other hand, it has the potential to be brought to life to capture students’ imagination and interest. Remembering formulae isn’t the way for students to learn this topic; it is through visual and interactive learning that it will stick.

Top 10 resources:

1. Circumference and perimeter treasure hunt

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: PDF

An easy to use resource to challenge pupils. The compound shape questions are particularly useful.

2. Drawing, volume and surface area of prisms

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: Word document

A functional resource that develops a variety of skills and comes with a plentiful list of extension tasks.

3. Area puzzle starter

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: Word document

An unusual resource to get students thinking at the start of a lesson.

4. Volume of revolution

Age range: 16 – 18 Format: PDF

Learn how to use Autograph to teach volumes of revolution – an effective way to aid students’ understanding of 3D problems.

5. Area and perimeter of triangles

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: PDF

An engaging resource that requires students to find the area and perimeter of triangles – includes an extension task to consolidate understanding.

6. Finding the volume and surface area of a cuboid

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: .swf

This resource provides help to students struggling to visualise cuboid related problems.

7. Pyramid volume proof

Age Range: 11 – 16 Format: Web

A practical lesson that results in students deriving the formula for the volume of a pyramid.

8. Area and perimeter follow-me cards

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: Word document

This plenary activity offers a wide range of questions on a variety of shapes to challenge students’ understanding.

9. GCSE maths: Evaluating statements – length and area

Age range:11 – 16 Format: PDF

Challenge pupils and aid deeper understanding of conjectures with this series of statements and investigation task.

10. Area and perimeter PowerPoint 

Age range: 11 – 16 Format: PowerPoint presentation

Visual and contextual ideas for creating or adapting a lesson on area and perimeter.

Colm Lynch, maths secondary panel

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