TES Maths Newsletter 4

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource of the week

starFlipped classroom
Get students to watch these videos before class and try the flipped learning approach.

Number and Algebra

Ratio activities
Two excellent activities on dividing quantities into a given ratio including a card sort where students have to match each correct stage of the working.

Indices presentation
Step-by-step lesson to help students master indices.

Shape and Space

Build a school project
Do students think their school is dull? Well now’s their chance to redesign it.

Race game
Race games are fantastic ways to motivate students. This one covers a range of topics including plenty of tricky angles and bearings questions.

Data and Statistics

Interpreting box plots treasure hunt
Students traditionally struggle when asked to interpret and make comparisons from statistical diagrams. Put them to the test with this treasure hunt.

Averages mystery
Students need a good knowledge of averages to solve this mathematical mystery.


Optimising – real life examples
Can your students use their calculus skills to find the optimum dimensions of a running track and the surface area of a drink can? Find out with these real-life maths scenarios.

Carom maths
Prepare students for university with this range of activities to challenge your top students.


In the spotlight – Rich Games for Learning

Rich Games for Learning has shared hands-on games to engage your class. Start with this fun times table card game; teach about angles with mini-golf; and finish with the small numbers addition game.

Advice from the TES Maths forum

Lesson observations under the new Ofsted framework
Advice on whether or not Ofsted wants to see progression in just one lesson or over a period of time?

Cross curricular maths
Teachers share interesting ideas on how maths can be embedded across the curriculum.

TES Maths podcasts featuring Mark McCourt
Do you have any questions you’d like to ask?

Think, Pair, Share questions in maths
Advice on how to use this technique to get the best response from all levels of students.

Switching from ICT to maths teaching
How easy/difficult is it to make the move? Read this advice from experienced maths teachers.

Read the latest maths discussions

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