TES Maths Newsletter 5

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resource15 problems to develop mathematical thinking
NRICH share a set of learning activities that’ll have students thinking creatively and working independently.

Number and Algebra

Algebra and shape
Test your students’ knowledge of area, perimeter, circumference and algebra with this challenging activity.

Bob’s ratio homework
Poor Bob has had a bit of a nightmare with his ratio homework. Can your students mark his work and figure out how he has gone wrong?

Shape and Space

When can (and can’t) we draw congruent triangles?
A challenging activity that encourages students to discover the rules of congruency for themselves.

Quiz, quiz, trade: Plans and elevations
Spice up the topic of plans and elevations by challenging your students to find a partner who has the solid object that matches their three views.

Data and Statistics

Dotty thinking
Teach everything from averages to comparisons, all with the simplicity of a few dots.

Dice wars
Introduce students to the wonders of non-transitive. Ask them to devise a strategy for winning a game involving three dice. For an extra challenge, can they design their own?

Post 16

S1 QR revision trail
A fantastic way to revise for the Statistics 1 module – get your students firing up their smart phones and use the QR codes to guide them around the revision trail.

Linear programming puzzles
Add a bit of zest to the topic of linear programming with these examples. Full graphical solutions also provided.


In the spotlight – Exam Solutions

Exam Solutions has over 1000 math tutorials, great for helping your students gain confidence in their abilities. These cover everything from binomial distribution, to using the cosine rule, and an explanation of normal distribution and standard normal distribution.

Advice from the TES Maths forum

Teaching mathematically able students
A maths academic is disappointed with the level of teaching in prospective schools for his son. Is enrichment the answer?

Is a cylinder a prism? Discuss
Lots of opinions on this: a simple school school-level definition of prism is that it has a ‘constant cross section’. Read on, for all the others and add your own.

C/D borderline for early entry maths
Government reports show that early entry does not yield results – but it’s still popular in schools. And that’s before the debate about timetabling prep…

Real-world multiplication: Any ideas, anyone?
Football leagues, calculating baby’s bottle feed and stocking shelves in the corner shop to name but a few…

What’s the sexiest IWB?
iPad with Apple TV connected to a data projector has one teacher’s vote…

HT doesn’t get differentiation in ‘setted’ group
A maths teacher is aggrieved at the amount of differentiation his HT is expecting.

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