TES Maths Newsletter 3

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource of the week

starMaths Jeopardy
Challenge students with these revision games on a number of maths topics.

Number and Algebra

Surds place mat
Reference mats designed to help pupils absorb the key facts.

Like terms
Simplify algebraic expressions by asking pupils to match up and colour in all the like terms.

Shape and Space

Constructions carousel
Test students’ knowledge of the major constructions with this carousel lesson.

Transformation lessons
Transform shapes and grades with this collection of PowerPoints covering all four transformations.

Data and Statistics

Strictly Come Dancing
Task to find the mean, median and mode based on dancing scores with an extension task on range.

Data Handling – MEP GCSE
Packed full of exercises, assessments, notes and background material.

Post 16

Differentiation puzzle
Project this calculus puzzle on the board and challenge your pupils to match up the relevant squares.

The trapezium rule
Get practical and interactive as you investigate with this free online Autograph activity.

Math movies

In the spotlight – BBC Class Clips

BBC Class Clips has lots of great video resources and ideas for teaching maths. Discover why there must be an infinite number of prime numbers, explore how Google is using internet searches to predict flu outbreak and look at the invention and importance of algebra.

Advice from the TES Maths forum

C/D borderline pupils
Teachers debate whether or not these pupils should be entered higher or foundation papers in linear maths.

Which exam board for resits?
Find out which board teachers are favouring for the November resits.

Favourite maths YouTube videos
Teachers recommend some of their favourites – can you add to the list?

Compound transformations of graphs
Advice on how to explain this concept clearly.

How many GCSE maths lessons a week?
Teachers compare the number of lessons they teach.

Sixth-form class size
Debate on the maximum recommended class size.

Looking for great maths ideas
Can you help this forum regular collect some ideas for a conference session?

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