TES Maths Christmas Game 2014

There has been a bit of a festive tradition here at TES Maths. Around this time of year, a game/activity usually appears on my radar that goes on to become an essential ingredient of those final few lesson leading up to Christmas.

2012 saw the arrival of The Pirate Game. My students still talk about it. I still bear the scars.

2013 brought with it The Lobster Game, which combined probability, accountancy, tactics and, in the case of my Year 11s, a fair amount of praying.

So, what will be the game to dominate Christmas 2014? I am looking for something simple, with an element of maths in there, which can enthuse even the most reluctant.

I am planning on recording my final Resource of the Week video on this on Sunday 14th December, so replies via the comments section before then please.

Thank you! ­čÖé

6 thoughts on “TES Maths Christmas Game 2014

  1. Hi Craig
    I’m not sure this is quite what you’re looking for in terms of simplicity but nevertheless this year’s maths competition features James Bond and it’s certainly enthusing young mathematicians. We’re well underway at our school and the competition will continue into next week – I can’t promise that it will offer more than Spectre! I’ve added it to the TES resources anyway. Thanks for your relentless sources of inspiration and information and merry christmas.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I love the sound of this!
    Could you possibly send me the link to the TES page you have uploaded it to?
    Thanks so much

  3. Hi Craig
    I’m glad that this appeals to you. I’ve tried to copy the link in 2 different ways below but I’m not sure if either will work at your end…
    Alternatively just access the materials on the site –

    New Christmas Mathematics Competition for 2014 – Resources – TES


    It may look complex but the brief introduction and a quick explanation of each of the tasks and the students are usually well away… the 2014 competition is on-going at our school at the moment and will run into next week; Day 3 is today and it will finish with Day 6 next Sunday.
    Best wishes

  4. Dear Craig
    First of all, many thanks for creating such a good website and set of resources. I am trying to get the kids to use them as much as possible.
    The second matter is a little bit sadder.
    It is with great regret that I am informing you that Mark Chadwick died of cancer last year. Therefore we will not be having a new Christmaths for this year. His wife is very much keen for his christmaths legacy to continue and would love to see people using it. As you have such a huge following, I was wondering if you could plug it and highlight his website so people have access to the previous years. Unfortunately the answers died with him so people are going to have to work these out for themselves.
    Many thanks
    Alex Wells

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