TES Maths ROTD: March 2016

Each day I select one of my favourite free maths resources that have been uploaded and shared by the generous and incredibly talented users of the TES Maths website and tweet it out via @TESmaths. I call this feature Resource of the Day (ROTD).

Here are my March selections. Just click on the resource description to download it.

And of course, all the resources selected are completely free. You just need to register on the TES website to download them.  And as ever, a huge thank you to all the teachers who share resources. You make TES what it is  :-)

1st March: Get the discussion going in a statistics lesson with some misleading graphs
2nd March: A lovely, comprehensive, well-resourced lesson on reverse percentages
3rd March: A challenging, but well differentiated, lesson on rules of indices
4th March: The Malteaser Mystery is a great way to review key number skills
5th March: If you are looking for a lovely set of GCSE revision display material – look no further!
6th March: A complete lesson on multiples, and square & triangles numbers
7th March: Consolidate Venn Diagram notation with this nice connect-the-dot activity
8th March: Simplifying algebraic expressions correctly will reveal the mystery movie
9th March: Crack the code by converting between fractions and decimals 
10th March: A well presented lesson on finding the equations of straight line graphs
11th March: Given the volume of these prisms, can you work out the missing length?
12th March: A really nice speed, distance, time match-up activity 
13th March: My Year 8s are a bit dodgy at measuring angles, so I used this!
14th March: A really nice range of “changing the subject” questions for Higher Tier GCSE
15th March: Lovely, differentiated lesson covering every aspect of indices
16th March: Spice up completing the square with this ideal codebreaker
17th March: Challenge students to make up their own algebra themed board game
18th March: A superb set of 10 cross-number puzzles covering key number skills 
19th March: An investigation into the wonderful world of negative numbers
20th March: An averages wordsearch to ensure students know what the key words mean
21st March: A nice fractions crossword covering adding, simplifying and equivalence
22nd March: A 10 week homework booklet that could be used with Y11 in the build up to GCSE 
23rd March: In context arithmetic problems involving Concorde and Airbus
24th March: Something a bit different: a lovely lesson on Roman Numerals
25th March: A simple, but very useful, worksheet on drawing pie charts
26th March: Everything you could need for a trial and improvement lesson
27th March: Practise substitution (and even proof!) via the Tour de France
28th March: “If the sun were the size of a football” – I love this standard form lesson!
29th March: An interesting way to gauge students confidence in expanding and factorising
30th March: A challenging activity to match-up the equations of circles to their sketches
31st March: An engaging activity looking at co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants

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