TES Maths Resource of the Week 57: New Scheme of Work Resources

The following resource has been kindly shared on the TES Maths website. It is available to download for free by registering. And to access all the lovely Resource of the Week (ROTW) resources, just click here

What is it?

In Resource of the Week 50 we were treated to an entire collection of top quality lessons, investigations and worksheets covering Key Stages 3 to 5. Hey say lightening doesn’t strike twice, but in the world of TES Maths, it seems it does. Mark Greenaway has kindly shared a whole bundle of top quality resources with us all. There are literally hundreds of files in here, ranging from [PowerPoints, to worksheets, interactive Excel files, puzzles and investigations. Better still, they are all organised beautifully by topic area. We are very lucky!


How can it be used?

Like the previous collection, my advice is to get this downloaded and stored on your staff secure area. This could then either be fused into your maths department’s existing resource collection, or act as a stand-alone go-to place for top quality resources. As ever, I rarely recommend using any resource you find as it is, because resources are very personal to the author and have been designed with their classes and teaching style in mind. So get editing, adapting and modifying the many hundreds of ideas you will find in here. Fantastic stuff!


Thank you for sharing!

Craig Barton


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