#160 Ollie Lovell: relations, regulation, leadership & tools for teachers

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast, with me Craig Barton.

This time around I spoke to Ollie Lovell.

Ollie is a maths teacher from sunny Australia. He is also a head of department, blogger, research ravager, pioneering podcaster, and best-selling author

Now this marks Ollie’s fourth appearance on the show, today talking about his wonderful new book: Tools for Teachers.

We cover:

  • What has Ollie learned in 5 years of his fantastic ERRR podcast?
  • What is Tools for Teachers about and how is it for?
  • Then we discuss a few ideas from the book that we haven’t focussed much on on the podcast over the years:
    • Regulation and relationships
    • Leadership
  • Finally I challenge Ollie to recommend a podcast episode or something to read for three types of teachers:
    • A trainee/novice teacher
    • A teacher who has been teaching for 20 years
    • A senior leader

As ever, Ollie does not disappoint.

Episodes of the ERRR for teachers to check out:

A trainee/novice teacher:

An experienced teacher:

A senior leader:

On Twitter, Ollie is @ollie_lovell
Ollie’s website is ollielovell.com 
You can check-out Ollie’s podcast, The Education Research Reading Room here
Ollie’s first book, Cognitive Load Theory in Action, is available from Amazon
Ollie’s second book, Tools for Teachers, is available from Amazon
You can sign up to Ollie Cognitive Load Theory Mastery course here.

My usual plugs:

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