#179 Tools and Tips for Teachers: Episode 6 (with Ollie Lovell, Emma Turner and Tom Sherrington)

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This episode of the Mr Barton Maths podcast is proudly supported by Casio Education. Check out the fantastic resources they have available for teachers here: education.casio.co.uk/mr-barton-maths

Episode details

Ollie Lovell is a maths and science teacher from Australia, an author, and my longtime, bitter podcasting rival. We have decided to get together once a month to share three things we have each learned and get the other’s take on it. This month we have guests! We are joined by the fantastic primary specialist Emma Turner and Walkthrus guru Tom Sherrington from the Mind the Gap podcast.


  1. Be wary of the view from the back of your lessons (05:29)
  2. Implied competencies at primary (21:52)
  3. The Montessori approach (37:01)
  4. Why cannot Craig not make pretesting work? (58:45)
  5. Is coaching in groups better than one-to-one? (1:21:53)
  6. The power of manipulatives (1:35:15)

Emma and Tom’s stuff

  • The Mind the Gap podcast is available here
  • Emma’s new book is Initium
  • Tom’s first WalkThrus book is here

Ollie’s stuff

  • Sign up for Ollie’s newsletter here: edthreads.ollielovell.com
  • On Twitter, Ollie is @ollie_lovell
  • Ollie’s website is ollielovell.com 
  • You can check out Ollie’s podcast, The Education Research Reading Room here
  • Ollie’s first book, Cognitive Load Theory in Action, is available from Amazon
  • Ollie’s second book, Tools for Teachers, is available from Amazon

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