#180 Surviving and thriving an Ofsted inspection with Ofsted’s Maths Subject Lead Steve Wren

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This episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast is kindly supported by AQA. You can find out more about their Questions Matter campaign here: aqa.org.uk/questions-matter

Episode details

Steve Wren is Ofsted’s Maths Subject Lead. Now, longtime listeners may remember I have interviewed another Maths Subject Lead, Jane Jones, in the past. She subsequently retired a few months after the podcast aired, which I hope was entirely coincidental, and that Steve has a long career ahead of him.

I have wanted to get Steve on for ages. I have heard him speak a few times, and I enjoy following his tweets – where he is Yorkshire_Steve. I appreciate how he speaks candidly and honestly about the key issues facing maths teachers and leaders, and that was certainly true in our conversations.

Useful time-stamps:

  1. Education career, controversies, and accents. (13:13)
  2. Maths education, policy, and personal interests. (15:31)
  3. Maths education and refereeing football. (20:56)
  4. Football refereeing and teaching career insights. (23:27)
  5. Lesson planning and the importance of cutting losses. (26:31)
  6. Ofsted inspections and their practicalities. (29:12)
  7. School inspection process and expectations. (35:33)
  8. School inspection and grading. (39:09)
  9. School inspection process and leadership. (42:40)
  10. Ofsted inspections and deep dives in a secondary school. (49:15)
  11. Maths curriculum and lesson observations. (51:13)
  12. Teaching maths in a school. (55:22)
  13. Ofsted inspections and lesson quality. (1:00:18)
  14. Ofsted inspections and consistency in teaching practices. (1:04:45)
  15. Using mini whiteboards in the classroom. (1:07:45)
  16. Using books to support deep dives in education. (1:11:37)
  17. Effective lesson observations and deep dives in education. (1:15:14)
  18. Inspector training and subject expertise in education. (1:18:27)
  19. Keeping bias out of inspections and tailoring approaches to individual schools. (1:21:55)
  20. Effective department meetings in schools. (1:26:44)
  21. Maths education report and its findings. (1:29:32)
  22. Maths education challenges and solutions. (1:34:23)
  23. Teaching methods and exam preparation in schools. (1:39:01)
  24. Secondary school teaching strategies and retention. (1:43:47)
  25. Primary and secondary school math education. (1:48:12)
  26. Problem-solving in math education. (1:52:30)
  27. Effective problem-solving strategies in math education. (1:56:35)
  28. Maths education balance and practice. (2:00:12)
  29. Problem-solving in math education. (2:04:43)
  30. Using departmental meetings to support math problem-solving skills. (2:07:06)
  31. Curriculum design and problem-solving strategies. (2:11:02)
  32. Problem-solving strategies in math education. (2:16:07)
  33. Sharing high-quality educational resources and Ofsted’s research review. (2:18:51)
  34. Maths education and the importance of balancing different perspectives. (2:23:56)
  35. Ofsted’s stance on marking and feedback. (2:28:39)
  36. Effective math teaching methods and workload management. (2:32:53)
  37. Using centrally planned resources in maths lessons. (2:36:26)
  38. Maths education during COVID-19 pandemic. (2:40:29)
  39. Maths education, homework, and curriculum. (2:45:51)
  40. Ofsted inspections and curriculum development. (2:49:35)
  41. The future of math teaching and the importance of skilled teachers. (2:53:04)
  42. Educational blogs and podcasts for personal growth. (2:57:30)

About the guest

On Twitter, Steve is @Yorkshire_Steve
You can read the 2023 Maths subject report: Coordinating Mathematical Success here
You can read the 2021 Maths research review here

Steve’s Big 3

  1. FFT Education Datalab
  2. Mark McCourt’s blog
  3. Ofsted Talks podcast

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