TES Maths Newsletter 11

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceRich starting points for A-level mathematics
This collection of activities will challenge pupils on topics including calculus, curve sketching and co-ordinate geometry.

Number and algebra

Surds quiz
These activities are great for getting your class working together and explaining concepts in their own words.

A question of algebra quiz
A Question of Sport gets an algebraic make-over in this resource that could easily be adapted for other topic areas

Shape and Space

Bearings crime scene
Add some spice to lessons on shape and space with a murder mystery game set in Oxford. Where’s Inspector Morse when you need him?

Make yourself a star project
Split circles into equal sectors, add straight lines, and produce some beautiful mathematical shapes that make perfect display work.

Data and statistics

The lost labels
Determine the missing labels and scales on various bar charts to help develop pupils’ problem-solving skills and their ability to interpret statistical diagrams.

Wimbledon statistics
There’s lots of challenging maths tucked away in this activity on interpreting statistics.


The Batman equation
How can an equation lead to the Batman signal? TES partners, Numperphile, show you how in this engaging video to get pupils thinking about sketching functions.

Use this Autograph activity to investigate what happens when you alter the equation of a circle.


Advice & chat from the maths forum

Questions for the next TES Maths podcast
Our maths subject adviser, Craig Barton, will be discussing differentiation and ways of teaching maths lessons in context in his next podcast. Get in touch if you’ve got any questions on these topics.

Mixed-ability classes
Are there any compelling arguments in favour of mixed-ability classes and do you think they can really work in maths?

Does having a maths degree make you a better teacher?
Some on the TES maths forum argue that having a degree can actually hinder you from understanding the problems that children have understanding basic mathematical concepts.

Boys and maths
Teachers share ideas on how they tackle under-achievement amongst boys across all year groups.

Tougher maths questions in teacher training skills test
How much tougher do you think these questions are and are they equivalent to GCSE grade B?

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