TES Maths Newsletter 10

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Star resource

Star resource15 problems to develop mathematical processes and applications
15 of the best activities from NRICH to help your pupils develop those crucial mathematical processes and application skills.

Number and algebra

Ratio robberies
Spice up the teaching of ratio with this engaging worksheet. Pupils use their ratio skills to determine which dodgy character has spent the longest in prison.

Simplifying expressions – settler activity
That rare activity: An exercise on algebraic simplification that requires no marking.

Shape and Space

Have I got hypotenuse for you?
A lovely game to help revise the key concepts of Pythagoras’ theorem. An ideal starter or plenary activity.

GCSE maths revision with QR codes
Allow your class to make full use of their smart phones with this excellent QR code revision sheet. They simply scan the codes and are whisked away to a GCSE revision video.

Data and statistics

An incredible questionnaire
A great way of introducing data and statistics. Can your pupils improve the questionnaire to make the Incredibles’ superhero operations more efficient?

Rain stops play
Ask pupils to create a radio script for a tennis match by correctly interpreting a range of statistical data. Easy to adapt for other sporting events.


The conic sections
Help your pupils to discover where the conic sections come from with this interactive 3D activity.

Negative and fractional indices
A code-breaker style worksheet that practises all the tricky things pupils need to know to simplify negative and fractional indices.

Topica12 middle

Advice & chat from the maths forum

Tougher maths questions in teacher-training skills tests
Maths teachers check out the updated maths questions on the teacher-training test and reckon they’re a bit tricky. What do you think?

A levels – which exam board to go for?
Teachers chat about the exam boards they use and why they chose specific boards.

March entries question
What should this teacher do following disappointing Edexcel unit 2 results? Should he abandon modular and go for higher linear in June?

World Maths Day
Teachers chat about the activities they’ve got planned for March 6.

Three levels progress
Check out these suggestions for techniques and resources that will help secure a higher percentage of students making three levels progress.

Class books
What are they for and do they really need to have detailed marking?

Teaching factorisation
Maths teachers talk about how to make this topic interesting…

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