TES Maths Newsletter 36

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resources

Star resourceHomework collection 
10 hand-picked resources and ideas for interesting homework from the TES Maths Panel.

Number and algebra

Adding fractions – 4 in a line
Consolidate knowledge of adding fractions with this activity that also provides opportunities for extension.

Refine students’ sequences skills with this presentation that contains examples, questions and solutions, as well as enrichment and investigations ideas.

Shape and space

Teaching area and perimeter
A clear, well-designed PowerPoint presentation on compound area and perimeter for KS3.

Missing sides trigonometry solver
Challenge your students to make up their own trigonometry questions and they can use this Excel tool to check their answers.

Data and statistics

Mega probability presentation
An extensive collection of activities, questions and assessments on all aspects of probability.

Lotto or life?
Students investigate the possibility of life existing on other planets and compare this to the chance of winning the lottery in this engaging activity from NASA Education.


Edexcel core revision cards
Revision cards on the key information needed for Core 1 and Core 2 that can be used for studying at home or in class.

Completing the square cards
Differentiated challenge cards on aspects of completing the square, including questions in context.

TES community

Number gym
Help students to hone their number skills with this video and blog post on the TES Maths resource of the week.

Strategies for calculating
Is it acceptable to use one method well, or should this teacher introduce a wider range of calculation strategies to a struggling pupil?

Changes to the maths curriculum
Discuss the upcoming curriculum changes and how prepared you feel in your department.

Algebraic long division
A question on quotient placement and whether there is a preferred method that should be taught.

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