TES Maths Newsletter 35

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resources

Star resourcePerimeter, area and volume
10 hand-picked resources for teaching perimeter, area and volume from the TES Maths Panel.

Number and algebra

Reverse percentages with number search
An engaging set of examples and scaffolded resources to teach reverse percentages.

Recognising graphs treasure hunt
A treasure hunt containing all the types of graphs students will need for GCSE.

Shape and space

QR code puzzle – angles in triangles
Make the most of your students’ smartphones with this QR code puzzle on angles in triangles.

Circle theorems
This well-structured lesson includes worksheets and contains a dynamic demonstration for Geometer’s SketchPad.

Data and statistics

Bird simulation
A probability modelling exercise using two dice that looks at the birth of chicks through to adulthood.

Histogram lesson ideas
A collection of challenging activities for teaching histograms to GCSE students.


Geometric sequence races
A race game involving geometric sequences that provides an engaging way to consolidate knowledge.

Normal distribution quiz
A set of diagnostic questions to quickly assess your students’ understanding of the basics of the normal distribution.

TES magazine and comment

Real-world relevance is the key
Reveal the fascinating side of economics by showing students how it connects to their lives.

Teach students to set themselves free
Independent thinking is a vital skill but we don’t always give it enough attention. To open minds in your classroom, try these tips.

Over 50% of education professionals regularly work extra hours
Teachers are more likely to work unpaid overtime than employees in any other sector, new research has revealed.

TES community

Pi Day: Bake pies for 14 March celebration
To celebrate Maths Week and Pi Day, we’d like to invite you to send us pictures of your Pi Day pies.

Angles and percentages golf
Help students to hone maths skills with this video and blog post on the TES Maths’ resource of the week.

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