TES Maths Newsletter 32

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceConnecting walls 
Practise lateral thinking in this quiz show-inspired interactive puzzle; the aim is to find four groups of four connected answers.

Number and Algebra

Maths magic
Use this well-presented slideshow to explain the algebra behind a collection of mathematical tricks.

Smuggle – Percentages game
Test students’ knowledge of percentages and their bluffing skills with this inventive card game.

Shape and Space

Baking Bad: Transformations
Students must describe the transformations of cake arrangements in this themed lesson.

Trigonometry and Pythagoras thinking questions
Develop problem-solving skills with these questions that require an intermediate step to be calculated before arriving at the final answer.

Data and Statistics

Histogram cut-up areas
Challenge your pupils’ knowledge of histograms with this engaging, kinaesthetic activity.

Finding averages of grouped data
Help students make sense of the mean, mode and median of grouped data using these examples and questions.


Binomial expansion – Lock game
Can your students expand the functions correctly to crack the code and open the lock?

Coordinate geometry worksheets
Ideal for assessments and homework, these high-quality worksheets include answers and cover midpoints, circles and tangents.

TES magazine

My Left-Field Lesson – Infinite ideas for maths
Ciphers, quantum mechanics, chocolate biscuits…put students in charge of their own club and it could lead anywhere…

A day in the life of…Alusine Kargbo
In between charity commitments and chiefdom meetings, this reverend in Sierra Leone teaches religious studies in a junior school.

My best teacher by Aldo Zilli
The Italian superchef recalls a life of extremes under a mentor who was a genius with food – when he wasn’t hurling it in his student’s face.

‘Gove’s A-level reforms will disadvantage pupils in England’
Warning comes from University of Cambridge in response to the government’s decision to remove AS-level assessment.

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