TES Maths Newsletter 31 – Best of 2013!

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceNumeracy across the curriculum
Make sure you stay ahead of the game with our pick of the resources on TES Connect.

The best resources of 2013

GCSE maths topic log
Ideal for revision, this is a tracking sheet and set of mini assessments for all the crucial GCSE topics.

59 maths starters
Engage your students from the beginning of the lesson with this collection of challenging and creative starter activities.

Core 3 lessons
Essential for teaching A level, these PowerPoints cover eight Core 3 topics with examples and activities.

Tolerance, accuracy and error
Practise error checking algorithms for credit card numbers and ISBNs with these real life maths scenarios.

GCSE higher tier revision activity
An adaptable revision activity in which students solve clues to answer a collection of questions on 10 higher tier GCSE topics.

Code-breaking pack
Useful for maths clubs or an extension project, this resource pack includes a student workbook with over 30 pages of code-breaking activities.

Calculator story
Practise calculator skills in a range of maths problems with this inventive calculator task.

Tarsia twist
Add an extra degree of challenge to the traditional Tarsia jigsaw with this order of operations resource.

Pirate Trigonometry
Use this motivating lesson to develop key Trigonometry and Pythagoras skills in order to find the pirates’ treasure.

Deadinburgh BioMaths
Four zombie-themed lessons to help foster an interest in the use of maths in the biosciences.

From TES magazine this week

My best teacher by Miriam Margolyes
The Bafta award-winning actress was always a show-off, but it took an English teacher and former nun to harness her talents.

A day in the life of…Mandy Whyman
This English teacher finds daily inspiration working at a lively international school in Mozambique.

TES News hub
Keep up with the latest from our newsroom with our dedicated news hub, with articles, blogs and podcasts.

TES Community

The pitfalls of behaviour inspections
Tom Bennett explains why he feels the Ofsted guidance on behaviour still undermines teaching and learning.

Mixed-ability teaching
Advice for teachers who have been asked to move away from sets to mixed-ability classes.

Edexcel higher v Foundation
Which is better for c/d borderline pupils in your opinion?

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