TES Maths Newsletter 25

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Star resource

Star resourceAngles collection
10 hand-picked resources on Angles from the TES Maths panel.

Number and algebra

Linear graphs match-up
Students must match up graphs to their tables of values, intercepts and rearrangements of their equations.

Tarsia – Find five mistakes
Challenge pupils to find five mistakes in a completed Tarsia with this reverse percentage activity.

Shape and space

Surface area with 3D paper balls
Students are asked to work out the surface area of paper balls, before making them.

Geometrical square rooting
Pupils learn how to discover the square roots of numbers using only pencils, rulers and compasses.

Data and statistics

Music industry trends
Real-life data about changes to the music industry, with potential for comparing and interpreting statistics and diagrams.

Simple v continuous data card-sort
Students sort data into the categories of simple and continuous. There are also carefully chosen examples.


Equation of a circle clock
Can your students deduce whether each of these times are correct by manipulating the equation of a circle?

Implicit differentiation revision
A five-minute video, followed by an exam question, providing clear explanation about implicit differentiation.

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TES Community

Secondary maths special: Negative numbers
TES Maths panel member Colleen Young lists her top 10 resources for tackling negative numbers.

New ways to teach subtraction
Colin Hegarty shares some innovative methods to teaching subtraction.

TES Maths podcast with Dr Jo Boaler
Dr Boaler, professor of maths education at Stanford University, outlines the main ideas from her How to Learn Maths course.

Graphical simultaneous equations
Advice on how to present this topic with a strong emphasis on visuals.

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TES Podcast – Maths teaching in FE
Sarah Simons talks FE pedagogy, getting humour into maths and much more…

A day in the life of…Mahmoud Marei
Although life in post-coup Cairo has many challenges, one science teacher still finds time to unwind.

My best teacher, by Ray Davies
Two teachers helped the lead singer of The Kinks to become a dedicated follower of music.

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