TES Maths Newsletter 24

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Star resource

Star resourceNegative numbers collection
10 hand-picked resources on negative numbers from the TES maths panel.

Number and algebra

Ratio and proportion
Packed with diagrams and clear explanations to help your students get to grips with ratio and proportion.

Algebraic fractions
A very clear, well-structured lesson on algebraic fractions, with plenty of tricky and engaging challenges for the students.

Shape and space

A demonstration of all the major constructions, complete with worksheets and accompanying Geometer’s Sketch Pad files.

2D representations of 3D shapes
A set of activities for students to get to grips with accurately drawing 2D representations of 3D solids.

Data and statistics

Which graph is best?
Students are given four sets of data with four representations and must decide which is the most suitable.

Sample space probability
There are lots of interesting ways at looking at sample space probability in this PowerPoint lesson.


Centre of triangles straight line investigation
Push your students’ geometry skills to the limit with this challenging and engaging investigation.

Transformation matrices activity
A hands-on activity to look at transformation matrices; ideal for anyone studying Further Maths AS level, or AQA’s Further Maths Level 2 qualification.

TES assembly

TES Community

Students to be trained to fact-check blogs and adverts
Checking out statistics in blogs and price promises in supermarkets will be part of a new maths course being drawn up.

Adults in UK behind in numeracy and literacy skills
Young people in England and Northern Ireland are lagging behind their peers in other countries, a survey reveals.

Algebraic manipulation maze
Algebra skills bundled up into one very challenging maze.

Reskilling as a maths teacher
Advise this English teacher who would like to make the leap to being a maths teacher.

Organising a maths week
Can you suggest cross-curricular maths ideas ways to raise the profile of numeracy in school?

Marking policy
If you could design your own marking policy for maths, what would it include?

SLE in maths
Share your experiences of being an SLE in maths with this teacher who is thinking of applying for a role.

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From TES magazine

A day in the life of…Chris Fenton
The headteacher of a trio of schools in the UAE focuses on encouraging the talent of his teachers to flourish in the heat

My best teacher, by Ben Fogle
The adventurer and television presenter credits his boarding school sports master with putting a stop to his quitting ways.

Is coding the new Latin?
How coding can improve your pupils’ thinking and learning.

Dread of numbers is damaging students
Young people ‘frightened’ of data miss out in life, report finds.

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