TES Maths Newsletter 15

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceGCSE table sheets
Students will love the layout and facts in this comprehensive set of table sheets.

Number and algebra

Substitution and algebra writing activity
For young or low-ability students to help them gain confidence writing algebraic expressions and substituting in values in the context of a café.

Ratio treasure hunts
Two excellent activities on ratio to get pupils working together and discussing their maths.

Shape and Space

Geometry flash cards
These are ideal as cue cards to prompt discussion, or to display around the classroom.

TriTetra flexagon
In honour of the great Martin Gardner, challenge your students to construct these TriTetra Flexagons.

Data and statistics

Frequency table and bar charts
Well-designed PowerPoint on collecting, recording and presenting simple raw data.

Probability quiz
This resource contains lots of different rounds with questions ranging from level 4 to 8.


Normal distribution calculator
A free online tool that allows you to check and help students visualise the answers to probability questions involving the standard normal distribution.

Core 2 keyword – Articulate
Get your students describing key concepts to each other while having lots of fun with this activity.

ifslearning middle

Advice and chat from the maths forum

Calculators for KS3 students
Which calculator would you recommend to parents?

What does a B at GCSE translate to at AS level?
How do you predict what grade a student is likely to get at AS from their GCSE results?

Maths teaching reports since 2011
This teacher has pulled together 28 official reports related to maths education in the UK. Catch up here…

Am I too old and overqualified?
Can you offer any advice to this career swapper on how to bag their first maths teaching job?

The best iPad maths apps
Find out which apps other maths teachers find useful.

Read the latest maths discussions

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