TES Maths Newsletter 13

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceMaths resources for gifted and talented pupils
A collection of resources that should keep even your brightest young mathematicians on their toes.

Number and algebra

30 number starters
Starter activities covering a variety of number skills, including calculation and work with decimals. Ideal to get your class in gear.

Balancing equations
The balance method is one the best ways to teach equations. This worksheet provides a great visual approach to get students thinking.

Shape and Space

Properties of quadrilaterals
All you could ever need to teach, investigate and develop the study of the properties of quadrilaterals.

Pythagoras’ Theorem
Two beautifully designed PowerPoint presentations, jam-packed with activities, questions and explanations of Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Data and statistics

Probability activity cards
A selection of cards for use in the classroom to generate discussion on the probabilities of various different events.

Three in a line: finding the mean
A simple game to get students practising finding the mean. Encourages higher-level thinking.


Fractional and negative indices
An ‘ever wondered why?’ activity where students match up the answers to fractional and negative indices questions.

Further Pure 1 revision notes
For any students studying for the Further Pure 1 module, these chapter summaries are ideal for aiding revision. Easy to adapt.

ifslearning middle

Advice & chat from the maths forum

Advice for aspiring maths teachers
Tips for this career switcher on how to brush up their maths skills in preparation for training as a teacher.

Maths guest speakers
Do you have any recommendations for inspirational teachers to talk to C/D borderline pupils?

Ability groups in maths
Join this heated discussion on whether or not it’s feasible to get rid of ability groups in maths.

iPads – could they make maths teaching easier?
Could students use Apple’s tablet to show their working for problems?

How to teach improper fractions
Maths teachers share their advice on how to teach this topic.

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